Today is the spring equinox. The daylight which have been growing in length since the winter solstice is now becoming equal than the nighttime and it will continue to reach its highest intensity at the summer solstice on June 21. Nature is waking up! The sap is going up.

As part of nature, we also feel this spring energy rushing through our veins, anxious to pour outside in full activity. But do we know what to do with it?

This is the perfect time to activate our GPS as we are to ask ourselves where we are in our existence and what our spirit within wants so badly to manifest to make a difference in this material world.

What is my destination?

The major lines of the hand (the life, heart and head) represent the road map of my existence. By their formation (break, island, hole, cross, detours…) I become aware that if I want to enjoy the ride, I need to fix the road or travel differently.

The sages tell us that the road doesn’t exist without the “road runner”. In fact, I am making the road by walking it!

The three principal lines in my hands are the indicators of my level of stamina (life), my motivation (heart) and how resolve I am (head) to function in life.

In other words, the road blocks shown on the lines are talking more about me than the state of the road itself.

When I am falling in love, I first need to look attentively at my heart line. If it is islanded, I am confused. If it is short with a big mount of Venus, I am more in lust than in love! Am I doomed? No! Is there hope for me? Yes!

The hand is the tool of the brain. It is also its printing machine. With the plasticity of the brain to repair itself, I can change my attitude and the improvement of the lines will confirm it.

Have a sunny and dynamic equinox.


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