Picasso once said: “I am not developing, I AM!”

Who can claim like him to be totally immersed in the present, constantly drawing from their inner resources in a self- proclaimed way! This short formula is an injunction to be functional with what we have and to do it to the fullest of our ability without questioning our motivation.

Alas the call of the genius and the demands from the so-called “normal” world do not obey the same imperatives.

Palmistry, as a science of observation, can determine quite accurately the damages imposed on the soul by the dogmas, morals and beliefs systems learnt from our parents/educators and accepted without questioning. In this situation, we have however to see our part of karmic responsibility (due to our make-up and the disposition of our soul), as we globally “bought the program” as it is. Only later with maturity can we liberate ourselves from such concepts.

We can say that we were too young and too vulnerable to discern good from evil. To survive we may have sold our soul to the devil. It may have been abused, delayed and refused. It is never too late to reclaim it!

The placement and quality of the three unconscious fixed lines of Life, Heart and Head will help establish the diagnosis. The constantly changing lines of purpose (destiny), talent (success) and communication will show, on a fresh handprint the conscious efforts done towards the resolution of the identified conflicts.

How much are we in touch with our Truth when we don’t fit in the world? On stage, the comedian who has a blank, can rely on the prompter to retrieve his trend of thought and continue to play his role.

The way out is clear. By reconnecting with our Guardian Angel (our Dïamon), the Spirit within, the voice of intuition will infallibly dictate (when we have succeeded to put our ego aside) what is good for us and when it is the right time to manifest it.

Last month we talked about the value of the handshake. We said that it enables to get in touch with the essence of anyone we meet. If someone crushes your cartilages or another offers you a flabby hand, the feeling is instantaneous.

The good news is the one who uses excessive force—often a compensation for an inferiority complex—may soften his sense of touch as soon as he becomes more vulnerable and willing to relax. The flabby hand—if not the result of a neurological disorder—may develop some tonus in the long run with determination and will power.

In conclusion, scientific hand reading is less interested in predicting than making the consultant aware of the shadow part of his or her personality. By knowing their low points and exploiting their strong points anyone can claim along with Picasso ‘I AM!’

Have a wonderful end of the year and may 2019 begin to reflect your soul’s purpose.



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