There is urgency – how to proceed? And so he calls upon the expert-palmist who, equipped with his magnifying glass, teaches him how to study the topography and the climate of his hands.

He helps him explore his unconscious by creating a map of the hills and valleys, rivers, changing terrain, potholes, swamps, bridges, closed roads and forced detours, all inscribed in his palms; together they then establish a detailed estimate of the work to be done to clean the mud holes, clear the blocked routes and reconnect the sections of road severed by bad weather. The payoff of the costs involved in this reconstruction is invaluable when you consider the wellbeing that results.

In making the decision to invest in the redevelopment of his highway system, the informed man ensures himself, in a lasting way, of a more fluid circulation of energy, which can then be put to the service of his creativity and highest aspirations.

With the help of handprints taken at regular intervals, we will be able to follow the blossoming of the personality through the changes in the layout of the three major lines, the secondary lines and the numerous qualifying signs.

The life, head and heart lines make up the major lines. The secondary lines carry the astrological signature of the fingers towards which they flow. They are the lines of Mercury, the Sun (also known as Apollo), Saturn and Jupiter. The signs appear in the shape of crosses, stars, squares, tridents, etc.

And so we can either continue to function according to a “default” program established at birth by our genitors, or we can make the choice of free thought, expression and action, and program new software tailored for compatibility with the hardware and wiring of our brain.

The changing layout of our lines – which chart our identity in the palms of our hands – bears direct witness to the power of our free will;we are free to manifest whatever we want. We can create heaven or hell on earth in accordance with the tendencies of our mechanism, in accordance with our beliefs, desires and talents, and all that within the framework of our programming.For Mozart, it was music, for another it’s metaphysics and a passion for imparting self-awareness; for you it’s something unique.

Each one of us has the opportunity to find meaning in our lives at any point in time, whether through work, love or courage in difficult times, thereby offering the best of ourselves. This is the message that Viktor Frankl, a survivor of Auschwitz, imparts in his book Man’s Search for Meaning.

Our conscious work consists of keeping ourselves open to replying “present” in the service of life.


(Excerpt from “Hands Up!” Chapter 3)


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