In all the hands presented so far, you have seen that there are two types of palms, long or square, and two types of fingers, long or short.

They combine to produce the following four types of hands:

  • Square palm + short fingers = Earth hand
  • Square palm + long fingers = Air hand
  • Long palm + short fingers = Fire hand
  • Long palm + long fingers = Water hand

Significance of the four elements:


  • Sense of realism; down to earth; strong emotions.
  • Excess: attachment, stagnation, heaviness, slowness.
  • Deficit: lack of practicality and achievement.


  • World of ideas and intellect; channel of communication.
  • Excess: lack of depth; fanaticism, instability.
  • Deficit: closed off to the world of ideas.


  • Radiant energy, enthusiasm, passion; strong sense of ego.
  • Excess: impatience, lack of tact and compassion.
  • Deficit: apathy, lack of warmth and life.


  • Extrasensory perception; emotional difficulties.
  • Excess: sentimental, impressionable; absent-minded.
  • Deficit: hardening of the emotions; a person who is rather dry.

The Earth Hand

The square palm provides good emotional balance.

The short fingers are quick and intuitive in their judgment.

Keywords of the Earth hand: Realistic, constant, loyal, unwavering, modest, traditional, critical, suspicious, interested, possessive, sensual, active, athletic; no patience for details except those related to work; sense of rhythm; pragmatic. Connected to mother earth.

The Air Hand

The square palm requires a stable emotional life.

The long fingers seek out the abstract and all forms of intellectual expression.

Keywords of the air hand: Curious, analytical, original; shrewd and caustic; extraverted temperament, loves to communicate; humanist; loves to organize, wants order in all things; mistrustful of emotions.

The Fire Hand

The long palm provides emotional insecurity.

The short fingers act impulsively on intuition.

Keywords of the fire hand: Extremely extraverted nature; decisive; enthusiastic and warm, energetic; full of initiative, constantly in search of new ideas; aspires to perfection; versatile, egocentric, individualistic, nonconformist; talks about him/herself, tendency towards exhibitionism.

The Water Hand

The long palm reveals an unstable emotional life.

The long fingers construct intellectual abstractions.

Keywords for the water hand: Idealistic, receptive, impressionable, dreamer, inspired, imaginative, introverted, secretive, vulnerable, purely emotional, romantic; confused except when it comes to creativity; hypersensitive, solitary, more perceptive than rational; needs to be heard and given direction.


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