The seven planets identified in the palm (see the illustration below) give their names to the five mounts situated at the base of the five fingers and to the three mounts without fingers –which are the Moon (Luna) opposite Venus and the two Mars, one (+) above Venus and the other (-) above the Moon.

The flowerpot theory:

The size of the mounts of the palm form the soil, varying in richness depending on its composition; it fills the flowerpot. In the pot germinates the seed of awareness that must awaken to the role that it has to play in this incarnation. This seed of consciousness that was planted at birth grows its roots in the direction of the wrist, while the plant rises out of the pot and blooms at the fingertips.

To continue the analogy:

  1. Fingers planted high emerge out of the pot with vigor. They express the germ of their ideas spontaneously, clearly and simply.
  2. Fingers planted low reduce the limits of the mounts and take away some of their strength, while slowing the rise of the sap of success. Doubts and lack of confidence are indicated.
  3. Long fingers take an interminable amount of time to produce one flower at a time, while short fingers all at once fill the pot with flowers.
  4. Smooth fingers show no inhibition. They open their petals to one and all.
  5. Knotty fingers produce one section of stem at a time from one joint of the phalanx to the next. They are called philosophical fingers.

N.B. When you are in the presence of a low set finger it is premature to conclude that the finger is short. It may be long, even dominant, showing the sign of a work in progress.

Key attributes of the seven mounts of the hand.

Jupiter: The Leader. Ambition, honor, individuality, confidence. Love of nature, love of food, sociability. Imbalanced: control, hubris, gluttony.

Saturn: The Scholar. Researcher. Archivist, documentalist. Concentration, patience, cautious, introverted, loner. Imbalanced: pessimism, melancholy, paranoia, hoarding.

Apollo (the Sun): The Artist. Extroverted, entertaining, glamorous, love of beauty (aesthetic), charismatic. Imbalanced: unpredictable, changeable, gambling.

Mercury: The Communicator. Problem solver, industrious, shrewd businessman, loves money, skilled diplomat. Imbalanced: Workaholic, master manipulator, unethical.

Mars: The Warrior. Instinctive, direct, energetic, courageous, goal oriented, passionate, sexual, doesn’t quit. Imbalanced: aggressive, relentless, sexually compulsive.

Luna (the Moon): The Visionary. Intuitive, imaginative, interior, reflective. Writer/reporter, love of solitude. Imbalanced: impractical, unrealistic, restless, changeable like the Moon. Selfish.

Venus: The Lover. Optimistic, joyful, generous, compassionate. Warm and sensuous, favors romance with flowers, music, candle and good food and fine wine. Imbalanced: pleasure oriented, submissive (if the Thumb is short).

It is rare to find a pure type. So, I recommend that you find the secondary mount and combine it with the dominant one, to accurately know yourself and others.

N.B. Keep in mind that fingers and mounts work together. You may conclude that a long finger, well shaped, has grown in a favorable nurturing soil.


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