Dear readers.

Before we reach the end of January I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year.

We have many good reasons to renew that pledge every day in our lives as we do not know what destiny has in store for us. We know though that destiny has more imagination than our minds to create meaningful events in each other lives.

Therefore staying aware of whatever comes our direction, seems to be a wise attitude to keep energy flowing in a simple manner instead of denying its very existence.

To help us surf the waves of everlasting energy; Palmistry and Astrology are privileged tools to guide us in our personal and brief journey on this planet.

Palmistry doesn’t require any other knowledge than the appreciation of the shape of the hands and fingers and the placement of the lines in the palms.

Palmistry first appeals to the senses. When a person shows her hands spontaneously, she expects to be seen and not judged. Her questioning soul is curious to know if she is aligned with the scenario of life she inherited at birth.

Life, Heart and Head lines (the unconscious lines) formed in the foetus 5 months before birth are indicative of the way we perceive the world outside and reflects the way that we create our own reality. However, reality as well as truth are infinitively expanding concepts. In other words, these three principal lines are showing our basic survival mode; our own point of view and our way to deal with what is not us. For the spiritual soul, they are an invitation to explore beyond the ego self in search of the “bigger whole”. The secondary lines, called the conscious lines, when they appear in the palm reveal the evolution of consciousness.

The interpretation of Astrology on the other hand, gives the person opportunities to eventually grow to a more complete human being, by charting the movements of the planets as they circle the sun.

Closer to us, our satellite the moon, in its monthly motion around the Earth, comes every month in conjunction with the Sun in a different sign of the zodiac.

The last new moon occurred on December 29 at 1:54 am (Montreal/America DST) in the sign of Capricorn. How to be successful by exercising a full sense of responsibility. Quite a contract!

The next new moon will occur on January 28 at 7:08 pm. (Montreal/America DST) in the sign of Aquarius.

Aquarius calls for human relations, love without possessiveness, attachment/detachment, love without possessiveness, friendship, democracy, high technology, futuristic goals, freedom…

These are the wishes that we should focus on during this period to improve our general condition.

Next month we will be talking about what to work on, when the new moon will meet the sun in the sign of Pisces, February 27 (Montreal/America DST) at 10:00 am. Until then…


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