palmB/ The fingers and the ministerial cabinet = the ego; the adult.

The fingers are the ambassadors of the palm in the outer world.

The index (Jupiter) manages the Foreign Affairs portfolio with vision and a sense of diplomacy. The resolute index shows the path to follow in both spiritual and earthly matters. Ambitious and filled with social aspirations, it idealizes, teaches, guides and commands, judges and reprimands; it designates and blacklists.

The middle finger (Saturn) organizes the ministry of the Interior with great economy, seriousness and effectiveness.

The ring finger (Apollo – the Sun) is a lover of beauty; it is in charge of the Arts and Cultural Affairs.

The little finger (Mercury) works at the ministry of Commerce and Communications; the commerce of merchandise, but also the commerce of men; all forms of communication – verbal, nonverbal and intimate communication at the sexual level.

The Function of the Fingers: The fingers channel the instinctual drives of the palm, actualizing its potential and transforming it into behaviors adapted to the social norms.

In the best of cases the fingers play their roles with conviction, without encroaching on that of their neighbours, for the sake of the common good. But often of a different caliber, the fingers do not all demonstrate the same effectiveness. Their role of communicator requires them to filter information to make it publicly acceptable. The fingers “dress up” the truth. In that way, the palm represents the crude BEING, and the fingers the civilized APPEARANCE.

The length of the fingers in relation to each other and to the palm, the way they twist on themselves and curve towards each other, as well as their implantation, inform us of their negotiating talent and their degree of authenticity.

In Summary:

The fingers are the channels that transmit the emotional impulses into the outer world. They reveal the being’s capacity to integrate into his environment, how he copes with his inner feelings (emotions, frustrations, anger…) and meets the emotional needs of others.

C/ The Thumb = the superego; the parent.

The thumb governs communication between the palm and the fingers.

The thumb, from the Latin pollex (strong one) is the biggest and strongest finger on the hand. We call it the master finger because it belongs both to the world of the palm and the world of the fingers that it governs. Its bottom phalanx is actually inside the palm, while the other two are outside of it. It also differentiates itself by its opposable position to the other fingers – forming with the index the first organic tool among the mammals of creation. The thumb and index of the great apes are too small to serve as pincers. If you stick your thumb and index together with surgical tape, you can scoop things up like an excavator but you won’t be able to pick anything up gently with the fingers.

The thumb is the man: it civilizes relations between human beings. Isaac Newton once commented: “In the absence of any other proof, the thumb alone would convince me of God’s existence.”

The thumb is the regulatorand adaptor of the life drives in the outer world. Just as normal blood pressure allows the organism to function well, an adequate instinctual tension promotes proper social adaptation. This regulator has been adjusted – by default – to the moral and social norms of the human race, right from conception; but it can first start going wrong in the womb, and then as a result of the upbringing and education received in childhood. The good news is that this regulator/adaptor can be reset voluntarily, and at any time.

The thumb is the conductor of the other fingers; it leads them and must gain their respect. If it is a good size and well proportioned it asserts itself firmly yet knows how to remain likeable. Bigger than average and stiff, it becomes bossy, even dictatorial. Small and flexible, it goes along with others, leaves them to their own devices and even lets them push it around.

In Summary:

The morphology of the thumb reveals the different modes of leadership: between the moderator and the controller lies a whole range. Sometimes, like a tyrannical parent, it imposes its censure and uses its power of veto, in accordance with the size of its “appendage.”


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