On February 26, the new Moon fell in the constellation of Pisces. The same day an annular eclipse of the sun was visible in the southern hemisphere: first in America, then in Africa. Even though it was not seen in the North its powerful effect was felt and continues to affect our souls and our physical condition.

Pisces invites us to intensify our inner feeling of DEVOTION towards the ONE source of unconditional love which attempts to guide the steps of our existence. It helps to tear down the veil of illusion that any separation between all beings is real and helps the fusion of our masculine and feminine polarities which compose our dual nature. It comes as no surprise that March eight was chosen to be the international day of Women!

Winter is dragging its feet (the weakness of Pisces) and one may be discouraged that nature will never be green again (Pisces is a strong defender of the environment).

However, days are getting longer, the light brighter and the melting of the snow are sure signs of the hope that spring will once again reoccur.

Astrologically Pisces is to the foetus what Aries is to the birth of the baby.

The uncertainty of the unknown generates a legitimate state of anxiety. It is obvious that the period of gestation in the womb must end. We need then to take our position and prepare for landing because the time to touch down on solid ground is imminent.

The key words for this transition (until the New Moon in Aries on March 27) is to give us the knowledge that everything changes and that we need to stay vigilant to capture the magic of the present moment.

Happy spring to all.


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