“Who wants to act the angel, acts the beast”. Blaise Pascal.

Indeed, man is a particular species.

Always on the go, he gets agitated in his pursuit of peace and love.

The wild animal receives its orders from within. He doesn’t question one bit what to do. Instinctively he knows what to eat, how to purge, when to rest. Equipped he lives in harmony with nature and plays its role in the ecosystem. The law of the strongest prevails to ensure the survival of the race.

The man is a god in the making. But in his quest of purity he becomes a despicable individual who can torture his own gender what the animal doesn’t do.

Gifted with reason, unable to know God with his mind he can only be in awe with God’s creation. His role is to preserve the work of God by abiding to the set of universal laws used by the creator.

Man knows deep down what is right and wrong.

If he wants to experience peace and love in his heart, he can look at his hands and learn how to identify what needs to be rebalanced in his personality.

The three unconscious lines of heart, life and head, are showing by their complexion, the instinctive program that we have to humanize. It is up to us to elevate our consciousness if we want to become who we are: the pure mirror of godliness.

Easter was the occasion to liberate ourselves from our chains, made of erroneous concepts.We wish you a happy resurrection.


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