The last new moon happened on July 23rd in the very first degree of the sign of Leo.

It followed the previous new moon in June (around the St John the Baptist celebrations) during the longest day of the year.

Since then, the days have been shorter at the rate of 2 minutes per day, until the length of the days and the nights will become equal at the fall equinox which will occur on September 21st.

The next new moon will also happen in the sign of Leo, but at the very end of the sign, at the time of the total eclipse of the sun occurring on August 21st.

Needless to say that the energy of Leo will be on full display for the whole month of August until tapering off and giving place to the Virgo attributes in September.

We could not wish you more for this period than having fun and playing with friends, enjoying outdoor activities under the warm sun.

Nature has now reached its full maturation cycle. Fruits and vegetables of different shapes, color our local markets and garnish our tables.

This incredible abundance is to be shared with family and friends for dinners until late at night by the light of the torch.

… And romance may develop under the starry sky!

The sun is the center of our solar system and provider of life. The sun is the Lord of the sign of Leo and the heart is its vital organ.

This is a time to feed your body, mind and soul. Love and generosity are the sweet key words for the season.

Hurray for the holidays!


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