“He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe”.
– Marc-Aurèle

Which hand should we read? If you are right-handed, you want to read the left hand (the passive hand) first, as it indicates the potential received at birth. Then you read the right hand (the active hand) which shows what you have done so far with what you received. You proceed in reverse if you are left-handed.

When both hands are similar, shape, number and placement of lines identical, you can conclude that the person didn’t change much or not at all, for the best or the worst!

If the active hand is more harmonious than the passive hand you know that the person has done some positive work on herself. The contrary will indicate that instead of progressing the person is regressing.

How to activate your potential?  

Each hand is connected on the opposite hemisphere of the brain. The left hand takes the attributes of the right hemisphere which is the seat for the emotional intelligence. The right hand expresses the qualities of the left brain which stands for the rational intelligence.

In the center of the palm is situated an important chakra. I call it the seed of consciousness. When both hands are joined the seed is complete. When the hands open and separate the seed divides in two cotyledons. The left one has the receptive energy of the Moon; the right one dispels the warm power of the Sun.

Here is a simple exercise to awaken the seed of consciousness:

Rotates the Sun over the Moon in a clock wise motion for twenty rounds. Then place the left palm over the right one and rotate them in an anti-clock motion for the same length of time. You can repeat the same operation three time on each side. Then to finish you joined your hands in front of your heart in sign of gratitude and receive the benefit s of this new energy.

Note that these rotations follow the movement of the pendulum when launched over the palm.

It is written: “Knock, the door will open; ask you will be answered”.

This imperative is not limited to ask your guide for a parking place!

I make the wish that you get unlimited answers to guide you on the path in 2019.


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