Jean-Jacques Guyot

Astrologer and palmist by trade, was born in 1939, three days before the Second World War broke out between France and Germany. In his father’s absence, (he was enlisted in the army), his maternal grand-father, astrologer and retired teacher took him under his wing and started his esoteric education.

An adolescent in quest of absolute truth, he searched for the meaning of life through the study of occult and metaphysical sciences without reaching the state of bliss described by the great initiates. Undaunted, he continued his study of astrology and palmistry. For the last 50 years, he has read thousands of hands. This gave him the conviction that the Truth is inside of us. Since then he accompanies his clients, through in-depth readings to help them gain the awareness they need to grow.

The lines of the hands are the GPS of your life purpose. They show the roadblocks and the detours for a safe journey. Have you lost your bearings? Branch your GPS and follow the instructions!

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