We praise the GPS of our car to bring us to destination when we cross new territories and we love it even more when he finds a way out of a maze of unreported road blocks.

The hand as a road map works in the same way. Studying the condition of the lines, the dots, the breaks, the forks and the dead ends, our awareness activated (built-in GPS) sets our bearing in the right direction.


In the last letter we have talked about how the hand uses distinctive forms and signs to differentiate the part of conscious from the part of unconscious which compose our psyche.

The three major lines –of Heart, head and life—are called the unconscious lines. They appear into the foetus’ hand five months before birth, at the same time as the finger prints and the palm prints (dermatoglyphics). All these indelible markings constitute the karmic/genetic baggage that we carry with us all along our life –a kind of black box that our GPS can read. Embedded in the palm, they show our disposition to love, the way we process information and how much energy we inherited.

The secondary lines which rise from the wrist to the bulging mounts under each finger are called the conscious lines. Their presences attest that the GPS is at work, delaying the automatic responses of the unconscious lines and reprogramming a new way of life when necessary.

The good news is that the lines DO change with consciousness!


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