Hand-government1. The Hand, Tool of the Brain

The brain is the control centre of our entire organism. It centralizes the information it receives along the sensory nerves and, after sorting and processing it, transmits it to the body and the environment by means of the motor nerves.

The hand, which is the brain’s intermediary, works the same way.

The middle finger, known as the Saturn finger, is the main mast of the hand; anatomically, it towers over the other fingers. Its metacarpal bone (the third one inside the palm) rests solidly against the capitate located in the middle of the carpus, and is solidly bound by numerous tendons and ligaments to the other bones of the wrist. Futhermore, it divides the hand into two equal parts, and plays the role of mediator between the world of the collective and that of the individual. If the palm is a compass, the middle finger is its magnetized needle. Someone who loses their bearings displays a Saturnian flaw: the middle finger can be short compared to the index or the ring finger; it can be twisted on itself or turned towards one of its neighbours, asking it for help and in doing so ceding it some of its power.

2. The Triumvirate of the Hand

The palm, fingers and thumb exert power.

A/ The palm represents the government’s plan.

B/ The thumb is the prime minister who leads the government.

C/ The fingers make up the cabinet of ministers, each responsible for a specific portfolio. They convey the government’s policies and in return inform it of outside suggestions.

Freud breaks the personality down into three entities: the Id, the Ego and the Superego. Dr. Eric Berne, who came after him, talks in his book Games People Play: The Basic Handbook of Transactional Analysis about the three people inside of us: the child, the parent, and the adult.

We can associate this terminology with the three parts of the hand.

A/ The palm = the Id; the child.

It’s our black box. It contains:

a/ our instinctual drives

Instincts are storage cells of energy – they press forward and try to clear a path for themselves through our system of beliefs, to express themselves ideally in Presence and Joy. It’s the creative libido that strives to participate in a ludic way in its individuation.

b/ our inherited and acquired beliefs at the core of our personality (from persona, meaning the masks that we wear in order to survive and maintain appearances). There are good beliefs (to be kept) and limiting beliefs (to be expanded).

c/ the indestructible creative energy that comes from time immemorial and breathes life into the universe and keeps our organism in good working order – automatically, unconsciously and without interruption…and all that despite the intemperance of certain desires (hard drugs, alcohol, sex, obsessions, pathological jealousy…) that it must endure.

In Summary:

The palm contains the potential of the universal energy that has formed all the wisdom of the world over billions of years – what Jung calls the collective unconscious – and also our personal unconscious, born of our heredity and conditioning and comprised of our system of varyingly restrictive beliefs. These two unconsciouses, in contrast to the conscious, will be grouped together under the name subconscious (below the conscious, for it is often unknown to us).

To put it another way, all our cells hold an unlimited power that asks only to be released!

Oursubconscious, that irrational zone symbolized by the palm and which contains our genius and our shadow as well, knows all. All we have to do is ask it! It will answer. “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

In fact, the story of the Fall of Adam, cast out of the Earthly Paradise because he ate the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge before acquiring knowledge for himself, happens every day for all those who, keeping themselves apart from their matrical potential, live in exile from their inner world. They live their lives as a power struggle and appropriate the world from the outside. They emerge from ignorance the moment they turn back to their internal soil and begin to cultivate it.

The secret resides in our confidence in this inner strength to, like a prompter at the theatre, feed us our lines when we are wracked by stage fright and drawing a blank! Our worst enemy is the doubt that sabotages our resolutions before we even have a chance to make them! If we plug into our “feeling” and we listen to the voice of our intuition, it not only guides us, it imbues our lives with a unique sense and flavour. We will never again feel alone in the world.

From the moment we reconnect with our inner wisdom and start to exercise our rights, we will see changes to the lines that seal our personality – the unification of their layout depending essentially on the degree of awakening of our consciousness. Positive signs indicate the moral qualities of the individual. That’s when we see happy hands reach out and open in a gesture of offering and sharing.

Conversely, tortured hands curl up in the face of life; they hide their thumbs inside the palms like a baby that keeps its fists tightly clenched at birth, or the way the dying who feel the end approach fold their fingers over their thumbs in their fetal position.

(to be continued…)


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