On March 27, the new moon occurred in the sign of Aries. Action mode—the energetic attribute of the sign –was set in motion at that time.

Since the spring equinox on March 20, the days have been getting longer: daylight hours will increase by two minutes a day until the summer solstice on June 20, when dancing and singing around the bonfire will be the occasion to celebrate the shortest night of the year.

Easter for the Roman Catholics will happen this year on April 16. It always falls on the Sunday following the full moon in Aries.

The Jewish Pesach or Passover will be feted on the day of the full moon in Aries, inviting all of us to set ourselves free from the slavery of our creeds and limiting belief systems.

Coincidence or chance? No. It is a pure and simple recuperation by religious orders of this astronomical fact when nature, as if by a miracle, comes out of its hibernation. A story of paganism revisited which acknowledges since the dawn of time, the rejuvenation of life on the planet earth.

The universal message of this new moon in Aries is to fire our neurons, grasp our genius idea and follow Charlie Chaplin’s motto: “Imagination means nothing without doing”. Charlie Chaplin was an Aries.

Caution is required before acting however, as impulsiveness is the nemesis of the sign.

Enjoy your resurrection.


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