Now that we know the secret of increasing our level of receptivity to our environment, by practicing the activation of the seed of consciousness in the center of our hand (see last infoletter), we are now able to process more quickly the messages of the universe which are asking for our immediate attention.

To be “present”, for the sages, is to be without expectation, without any reference to the long gone past, nor to focus on a better future.

To be present is to be available to the unpredictability of events without wanting any other thing to replace them.

It is then fascinating to acknowledge the compulsion of the mind to look for a culprit outside of our self, to take the blame for our misfortune and to attribute to anybody the benefit for our moments of happiness.

We then realize how the notions of good and evil are just personal concepts.

In all reality, we can say bluntly to the worshipper: ”It is what it is!”; do not procrastinate and go along with the lessons attached to the message.

In conclusion, we can state that our behavior, is the copy/paste of our level of consciousness and that our awareness is the copy/paste of the network of the lines in our hands.

We are beings of pleasure. Life is full of obstacles. Who doesn’t want to learn how to slalom with bliss and around them?

This letter is an invitation to activate without delay the GPS, set at birth, in the middle of your palms.


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