univers-metaphysiqueTo understand the meaning of occult sciences, we need to go beyond the description of what reveal the horoscope and the shape of the hand.

In other words is destiny preset for life as established in an astrological birth chart and by the lines in the hand or do we have the free will to influence such a program?

Determinism and Free Will

(Excerpt from “Hands Up!” Chapter 3).

Deepak Chopra describes the human being in Quantum Healing in the following way: “The physical body is a river of atoms, the mind is a river of thought and what holds them together is a river of intelligence.” My understanding of the genesis is that we are the work of an unknown glassblower who blew into our “nostrils” (all the cells of our body) the electromagnetic energy needed to accomplish our mission on earth. This energy governs our entire universe and obeys immutable laws to which we ourselves are subjected to for fear of suffering. For example, defying the law of gravity can be fatal to us, without doing any harm whatsoever to the law itself.

“One hundred percent programmed, one hundred percent free,” such is our lot; such is our superiority over all the other species of creation. We are aware of existing for a reason that we don’t understand. The genetics of the body, mind and spirit, passed down from our ancestors, are transmitted through biology. We are not responsible for it. Who has not at some point cried out that they never asked to be on this damned earth, saddled with a strange body in an incomprehensible world! We will not invoke karma or the guilt-inducing metaphysics of retribution and redemption that everyone talks about without being able to provide any tangible proof on the subject. We would therefore be justified, by all logic, to put the “blame” for our misery on the preceding generations that formatted us, if we did not have the capacity to reason, to make choices and to change the strategy of our approach to life – something animals are not capable of doing.

We either continue to wage a useless war against our parents, teachers and humanity as a whole – at great personal cost – or we decide to dive resolutely into our own darkness, for as Jung says: “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light.” The speleologist, his lamp on his forehead, descends to the core of the earth to cast light on the unknown marvels it contains. The prospector, his pick in his hand, probes underground in search of the vein of gold buried in its muddy bed of rock.

The seeker on a quest for awakening accesses his unconscious when he stops thinking. In that state of meditative calm, his mind goes into neutral. He goes deep within himself and watches on the screen of his awareness the projection of a black and white movie, where his blackest fears (we all have some) undergo a drastic whitening under the light of the intense faith he has of self-realization.

There is urgency – how to proceed?


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