Q. The lines are the result of the folding of the hands.

Why then do people who work with their hands have fewer lines than intellectual people?

Q. The length of the life line is an indication of longevity; the longer it is, the longer I’ll live.

That is not true. The length of the life line indicates the size of your “bank account” in terms of health. It all comes down to how you manage your funds. The whole of your hand indicates whether you know how to conserve your energy or whether you squander it. We’ve seen people live to the age of ninety with a short life line…and also the opposite.

Q. Lines don’t change as long as we live.

Everything in the universe changes. Your biology changes and with it, the lines in your hands. Two handprints taken several months apart will prove it.

Q. Lines in the hand indicate events.

How can they if lines change…and events with them! What they indicate is the way we respond to the event rather than the event itself. Energy IS, we’re the ones that give it its hue and moderate it according to our basic temperament.

Q. A severed life line indicates death.

Careful – let’s not be too quick to jump to conclusions! Some writers have gone so far as to declare that if the life line is interrupted in both hands it means certain death! But then what would be the purpose of the section that appears after the break? There must be a renewal of life when the line resumes. Let’s be logical – nature doesn’t create something for no reason. Does it mean that the “incident” can be avoided? Most likely.

Q. The lines disappear after death. The hands become smooth.

Three days after death the hands become cold and stiff like the hardened husk of a fallen leaf, where only the “veins” of the major lines appear – the heart, head and life lines. The others fade away.

Q. Hands wrinkle over time the same way that faces do.

I will show you hands that “lighten” over time after self-awareness work.

Q. The left hand is the hand of the heart.

…Because it is anatomically closer to the heart than the right? Okay. You say because it is in touch with the right side of the brain, the hemisphere related to sensitivity and not at all Cartesian? Fine! That’s not false. Gypsies have unfortunately perpetuated this myth by predicting love in the left hand.

In fact, our ways of loving are inscribed in both heart lines. The variations in their lengths and shapes from one hand to the other reveal a lot about our capacity to love, taking into account the qualities of the primary and secondary and the dominant hand.

Q. The union (horizontal) lines below the little finger indicate the number of marriages someone will have.

They certainly pertain to the emotional life, but they in no way indicate marriage, especially since they change over the course of one’s love life.

Q. The children (vertical) lines below the little finger indicate the number of children someone will have.

They do not show our own progeny; we’ve known teachers who were nuns who had many children lines.


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