We may get more information by paying attention to what people tell with their fingers while they talk.

Natural gestures of the fingers reveal their unique character.

The index finger (Jupiter), known as the pointing finger shows the ability to guide, to direct, to scold, to threaten, to judge and ostracize. It is the proud and ambitious commander-in-chief.

The middle finger (Saturn), the longest one, sends the clear message: “mind your own business” to any one who interfere into its state of introspection. Avid of solitude, it applies deep concentration to investigate the unknown and the meaning of life. It is the administrator, the geologist, the statistician.

The ring finger (Apollo/Sun), is shorter than Saturn, longer than the little and about the same length as Jupiter. It is the most sensitive finger used as a spatula by the druggists to mix the ingredients in their preparations. It appreciates the quality of a material and brings the most exquisite tone when it strikes the strings of any instruments (harpsicord, bass, mandoline…). It is the finger of art, the lover of ideal, the great and the beautiful.

The little finger (mercury), is literally the finger we put into our ears…probably to open the channel of communication, verbal (talking/listening) and non-verbal (diagnosis, skill, magic). It is the finger of eloquence, study and intuition.

The thumb, called the master finger as it is part finger and part palm. The first two phalanges are outside the palm and the last one forms the ball of flesh limited by the life line, named the mount of Venus. It is the conductor of all the instruments of the whole hand fingers and palm put together. Turn downwards it “kills” an idea; upwards it shows its appreciation!

Two zones in the palm do not have a finger attached to them. It is Mars at the percussion of the hand (the karate chop); and the Moon (Luna) opposite Venus at the bottom of the hand which both represent the foundation of the hand standing upwards.

If a finger stands out by its excessive length or size, you have identified the dominant planetary type of the hand. If a padded mount is bulging out of proportion you are in the presence of on of the three following types: Venusian, Lunarian or Marsian.

In the next infoletter we will give you the key words for the 7 planetary types.


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