We are currently under the influence of the last new moon which occurred when the sun and the moon made their conjunction in the sign of Virgo on September 20.

The qualities of the sign will prevail during this entire period of harvest which will end at the next new moon in Libra on October 19.

Symbolically the sign of Virgo is represented by a young woman holding a sheaf of wheat in her arms.

The earth has produced its harvest. It becomes “virgin” again.

Grateful for the abundance of the crops, it is now the time to evaluate the production: a quantity of seeds are selected to be sown after the first frost; some are put in silo for one’s own consumption; the surplus may be sold for profit.

Such is the accounting Virgo mind at its best: practical, useful, exacting.

October is a joyful month for those who got drunk with the fumes by crushing the grapes with their feet at the bottom of the tank. Their euphoria is the prelude to the revelry of the Thanksgiving feast washed down with good wine, a tradition found in every culture.

October also introduces us to the art of winemaking.

To this purpose, the delicate alchemy needed to distill the divine nectar, is a metaphor that calls us to work for our own self-actualization, with joy, without unnecessary additives, in an healthy environment rooted in the minerality of our human condition and under the brightness of our aspiration.



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