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The hands reflect the soul journey through the unchanging fingerprints (called dermatoglyphics) and the changing lines. The permanent fingerprints (which appear 5 months before birth) reveal the purpose of the soul in this incarnation. The changing lines measure the necessary degree of awareness to fulfill the sacred mission of the soul on earth.


The astrological chart, oriental as well as occidental, seals our destiny by the position of the planets around the horoscope and the aspects they make between each other. It also gives information about the way the personality will react when confronted with life events.

We are, in fact, not our hands.

We are the vital energy that molds the shapes and electrifies the lines of our hands. “I am what I think,” to use a popular cliché in psychology, but in truth I am something more than my thoughts, something more than my emotions and something more than my actions. It is that something that lives within me and spurs me to become what I am at my essence. In the original Hebrew version of the Book of Job (Chapter 37, verse 7) we find these significant words: “God placed signs or seals in the hands of men, that all men might know their works.”

So I come into the world already formatted with an instruction manual in my hands. Buddhism also professes that human beings create their own destiny. But then, how do I know if I’m tapped into my true Self or to my ego that makes me seem appropriate when I am not? The varyingly coherent organization of the lines of my hands clearly indicates my degree of adherence to the great consciousness that creates and directs the entire universe. The morphology of the palm and fingers describes the mechanism by which the small consciousness that I am, limited by acquired and inherited beliefs, expresses itself and seeks to open itself up to the infinite forces of the cosmos.

Within my palm lies dormant the seed of this universal consciousness; all it desires is to grow in order to accomplish its duty and fulfill its mission. The role that is assigned to us here on earth, saint or villain, is therefore an individual proposition based on the gifts, talents and motivations of each one of us. In France, we refer to someone who is very lazy as having a hair in his or her hand. In order to get this seed of consciousness to germinate, all we need is to pull up our sleeves and rub our hands together. To aspire to a better life and devote ourselves to it produces immediate and recognizable changes as much to the container as to the content of our hands. The shapes change and the electrical wiring in our palms unites into a continuous network of lines. We will study the evolution – which is not synonymous with improvement – of the consciousness in the form of the hand by examining its topography and climate, and not the evolution of the shape of the hand and the placement of the lines as measured against a norm described in all the treatises on palmistry as the ideal hand to achieve and possess at all costs, lest you be deemed “abnormal”!

Normality doesn’t exist. We will focus solely on the balance of opposing forces. All signs outside of the norm will be gathered to form a portrait of the being as a whole. This is the therapeutic goal of this innovative and rational holistic approach.

No two hands are alike. There are innumerable structures, but the source that brings them to life is the same. We are unique individuals, all condemned to play opposite one another on the stage of life, under the amused gaze of its director.

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This volume conveys a message of hope to all seekers of truth who have been discouraged by the study of palmistry. Eager to know themselves, they have avidly turned the pages of books, comparing their hands with the ideal model of lines and signs described therein, without being able to put all those elements together to construct a lifelike portrait. Their initial enthusiasm rapidly changed to frustration and ended in confusion. They could not recognize themselves. And yet there is no better diagnostic tool than the hand. Only the directions for their use were missing!

Hands up! offers, in 22 lessons, the recipe to establish your soul’s purpose and life lessons by assembling all the pieces of the puzzle that compose you. Be wary of hasty judgments based on appearances, for the most elementary hand always contains an infinite potential for wisdom. We judge the tree by its fruits.


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One ship sails east the other west:
The same wind gives them force,
But it is the sail and not the wind
That sets them on their course.
And fate, much like the ocean wind,
Seems to hold us in its thrall,
But the journey’s goal is set by our soul
And not fair wind or squall.
– Anonymous

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